Thursday, September 14, 2006

there's something about ..... banquet

I am beginning to feel that my blog has a whining + complain theme to it.

I went to Ang Mo Kio Central 2 days ago for dinner. My family decided on comfort and head towards BANQUET (the former A&W location, wow... how I missed those A&W days) where they have converted the coffeeshop to be a foodcourt with air-conditioning.

I'm not a fan of Banquet. I don't see how a chinese local fare prepared the halal way is appealing as compared to other foodcourts. I have tasted some of the food and while it's a close resemblance to non-halal preparation, you felt it's still different in a lesser way.

While other foodcourts are started by long time coffeeshop operators with lots of experience behind the foodcourt/coffeeshop business, BANQUET is started by a Contractor who failed in the construction industry and jumped on the banwagon of a highly lucrative industry. In order to have a go at a lease, he promised the landlord that his foodcourt is different and it will be 100% halal. The rest is history.

While the Malays could finally taste Wantan Mee and Bak Chor Mee without Bak Chor, there seems to have no motivation for a chinese to patronise them while down the street, you will have a Bak Chor Mee with Bak Chor. I mean.. we are talking about Ang Mo Kio Central where you have gazillions of coffeeshops at every 10 steps you make.

So I decided to go "western" and ordered a BBQ spring chicken. On the menu, the picture indicated a accompanying side-dishes of fries and salad at $7.

When the meal arrived, there was none of the side-dishes but just the chicken.

moomooman : Sorry... where is the fries?

Stall helper: No fries.

Moomooman: huh? Your picture here got fries!

Stall helper: No fries.

Moomooman: Then you should change your picture.

stall helper: (no response... just look straight at me)

I was pissed!! Not so much about the missing fries but their attitude towards the whole incident. I decided to teach them a lesson. Their chilli sauce was free-serving in a bottle. So pour out almost half the bottle of chilli right in front of them and walk away.

Of course I did not finish the chilli sauce.

And of course I will not patronise another Banquet outlet again.

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