Thursday, September 07, 2006

there's something about ..... books

Yesterday I had about 1.5 hours of waiting time to kill at bugis and I decided to visit the kinokunia (pardon my spelling, it could be worse).

I like to visit the business section. Of course, I would also like to visit those sexy photobook of japanese models, but unfortunately they are not meant for browsing. Damn it!

Anyway, I managed to read a few pages of Nanz Chong's 1 business 99 lessons. I've also flip thru Adam Khoo's book about becoming a millionaire. Plus also other related "sales" book on how to "sell" effectively. Not to mention other Rich Dad Poor Dad's series.

And I realised something.

They write books not with the intention to guide as their primary motivation, they write books to profit from it.

I mean.... why read about Nanz Chong's failure? Shouldn't we be reading someone else's success instead, like what they did correctly and not what they did wrongly. Nobody has a more celebrated bankcruptzy than Nanz Chong. She is now making more money giving motivational speeches and selling books. Why am I such a critique on her? Because... this book sucks!! In order to tie in with her 1.99 concept, she has to ensure there are 99 lessons to write. And some of these lessons are lame.

The same can be mentioned about the other "sales" book. If you are a fantastic sales man, you probably got no time to write a book. You will spend those time making more money in your trade. Of course, if your trade is about writing a book then... your expertise is not so much about "marketing" but about "writing".

And not to mention Rich Dad Poor Dad, which I was never a fan of. The original book is used by all MLM sellers, and you know if MLM uses them... the book can't be any good.


cheeky said...

I'm totally with u on this one dude. Nanz Chong pui. Adam Khoo ka puiii. Oh yeah, will be updating soon once I got my macbook.

moomooman said...

You win liao. no Mac cannot update one meh.

Anonymous said...

I think Rich Dad Poor Dad is actually a very good book. Some of the topics in the book are very insightful and this is a great introduction to money management for kids and young adults.

Another book I would recommend is "The Millionaire Next Door". As for Nanz's book, have not read it so shall not comment.