Monday, September 11, 2006

there's something about ..... speeches

Coincidentally, Sunday Times feature an article on local motivational speakers and their rates.

It was mentioned that Nanz Chong has 8 to 10 engagements per month now, ranging from $2k to $10k per engagement.

Assuming the lowest figure of 2k x 8 engagement, we are talking about $16k income a month minimum. At the maximum, we are talking about 100k a month.

If I knew failing is so lucrative, then I rather fail. No need to worries about inventory, staff costs, shop space, balance sheet, etc etc.

The papers quoted that "she decided to go into speaking to help others with her message".

She describes her style as "High-energy, impactful and humorous"

It was also quoted that her story of her business' demise has often moved audience members to tears, she says "sometimes we need to hand out tissue boxes"

Wah... very noble hor.... since you want to help others with your message, can dun pay or not?

Actually there is nothing sad about her failings and the subsequent bankruptzy. In Singapore Law, even if you are a Bankrupt, your CPF remains intact and the creditors can't touch the money in your CPF.

All those CPF that she has over the years would be high enuff to ensure she has a comfortable retirement after 55. On top of that, her husband would be able to find a good job to support the family.

So she is not exactly in dire straits.

If she is, do you think she would be pregnant during the down period?

Imagine... your business is failing.... you are facing bankruptsy.... but hey... let's get in the mood to procreate.

In the same article, it was also mentioned that almost the whole Mount Everest expedition team is into motivational speaking.

Robert Goh says "If we can motivate people to climb mountains when they are not paid to, then surely we can motivate people who are paid to do what they do."

Well said. Except that Khoo Swee Chiow is said to have applied for Grant from Government plus he is sponsored by Hitachi and many others.

The papers mention that Mr Robert Goh recently quit his job as an aeronautical research scientist at DSO national laboratories to pursue motivational speaking and coahing full-time. His fee is about $5000 per hour.

Money Talks!

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