Monday, September 18, 2006

there's something about ..... chee soon juan

I'm pro-pap. It's uncool to pledge your allegiance to a party that trys to be cool but I don't subscribe to coolness to start off. I subscribe to my personal beliefs.

Came across this link from another blogger. It's about Chee Soon Juan's flyers being "stolen" by the police. This makes an interesting read, but you have to know that this article comes from CSJ directly and it's totally biased and probably as flawed as his character. see link

Over the years, I have grown to admire CSJ. This guy got "balls", a term now approved by the government as "parliamentary" as said by George Yeo

Unlike other defacted politician like Tang Liang Hong or Francis Seow and others, he choose to remain in Singapore to fight his beliefs. Though the manner in which he fight his beliefs could have been more credible. For example, go on hunger strike without glucose drip.

As a bankrupt, he has nothing to worry about lawsuits against him. Is there any difference if you owe $300k or $1m? And he is smart enough not to be caught for for any jailable offence. So he continue to provide us with political entertainment.

But I don't pity him. As a family man, your first priority is to look after your family which in his instance, he has 3 kids. The next priority would then be your beliefs.

And to take care of your family, you have to ensure there is enough bacon in the house to take care of basic needs like food, education and other well-being.

But yet he go about his political career with such care-free attitude, you wonder if he cares about his family at all.

Unless of course, he family is already been taken care of.

I belief Chee Soon Juan has financial backing from overseas source. And these money may not go directly to him or he may have to pass it on to the OA. And of course, this remains my speculation. Just pure speculation.

Nevertheless, he makes Singapore interesting. Kudos to CSJ. But I will never vote for you.

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