Tuesday, December 05, 2006

there's something about ..... addidas

My wife's sneakers gave way when we arrived in Teochew, China. Hers was a nike brand and nothing short of internation brand would do.

And of course, we are excited about the prospect of buying cheaper sneakers shoes in China. Afterall, almost every international brands that we used in Singapore has the label "made in China".

So we made our way to a local departmental store.

From a distance, we saw a sneakers boutique that resembles alot like Addidas. The way the merchandises are displayed, the 3 strips at the side of the shoes etc etc.

And so we happily walk into the boutique.

You see, we don't examine things clearly. When you are holiday, you are mostly guided by mood and feelings. You don't go about rationalising anything.

And just when we ask to try on a pair, did we realise that it's not ADDIDAS.

It's ADDNICE!!!!!

Add what?!?!?!? It's ADDNICE!



I think the sales girl realised our sudden shock and immediately explain that this is a Germany brand with a long history.

They even have a website on it. www.addnice.com.cn

We have no other options. So we bought the cheapest addnice sneakers just to ensure it could last till we find another sneaker elsewhere.

I forgot to take a picture of the shoes as we have given it away to my in-laws.

So do you pronounce as ADD- NICE (as in you are very nice)

or do you pronounce as ADD-NICE (as in Nice, France)

or do you pronounce as ADD-NI-CE (as in you pronounce Nike)

Anyway.. don't pray pray.

Addnice aside.... China's translation on NIKE is


So if you go there and ask for NAI KEY..... good luck to you.

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