Monday, December 25, 2006

there's something about ..... christmas

Ho Ho Ho .... Merry Christmas!


Recently newspaper publish a list of items people likes to give as well as hate to receive as Christmas Gifts.

Rank no.1 for gifts people like to give is Chocolate.

Rank no.1 for gifts people hate to receive is Towels.

If you ask me, these are the following items I hate to receive:

1.) Cups. If they are beautiful, at least you can still recycle them as gifts the following year. If they looked like those you find in kopitiam, throwing them away is a waste, keeping them takes up space, giving them away embarass me.

2.) Candles. I need to buy lighter to use them since I don't smoke. Also, you always worried about fire hazard. Next, if you light them in air con room, air con man will tell you that it's bad for the air con.

3.) Towels. This is not so bad since you can keep them in storage and let your occasion guest that come over to stay at your place to use them. But still.... receiving towel as present has a different feeling than say receving a Cartier Watch or a LV wallet.


Overheard in Takashimaya....

shopper to sales girl: Is that watch male or female?

Sales girl: it's unisex.

Wah... this is what i call a good sales girl.

But I didn't know watch also got sexual inclination.

Thanks to Vivo City, there were 167000 lesser shoppers on Orchard road and marina area on Saturday Night.
It took me just under 1 hour to leave home on Saturday evening at 6.20pm to reach Wisma Atria, found a car park lot, go to the food court and got a table by 7.15pm. A feat considering it's a Saturday before Christmas.

A little christmas trivial: Do you know that Santa Clause is "invented" by.........


Santa is just a marketing idea to sell Coca Cola. Why do you think Santa is in Red/white colour theme. It prove to be so successful that it became a christmas tradition.


Anonymous said...

You mean bra cups? haha. I didn't know people still give cups and towels as presents nowadays. :) The last cup which I got as a present was during my high school days.

Mr Anonymous

moomooman said...

To all my friends who saw mr Anonymous's comment.... shame on you who bought cups!! You guys still think you in High School issit!??!??!