Friday, December 01, 2006

there's something about ..... holiday

Just came back on Thursday morning from Hong Kong and China.

It's the first trip for my kid and the whole family including my parents were really looking forward to the trip.

On the eve of the trip, my wife came to me and "warned" me that "we have a situation." Realised that it wasn't an "!" but a "." So it must be something that doesn't bother her.

So I asked her "what situation?"

She said that we have too much to bring and it's already spilling over to 3 big luggages. I told her that if those are necessary, then it's necessary.

She replied "no... that wasn't the situation."

I asked impatiently "then?"

She said "The situation is that you are the only person that has to carry all the luggages. I've to carry the kid, your parents couldn't take the luggage. We have 3 big luggages, 1 stroller, perhaps 4 hand carriers."

I went speechless.

That.... sets the tone for the whole trip.

Needless to say, I'm more tired after the trip than before the trip. And like what coolcat says.. I need another trip to recharge from this trip.

To give you an idea what I have to carry, this picture is taken at the airport when I came back home.

This looks like what you would bring to Europe for 1 month.

More posts to come.... one lengthy piece on economics at the end.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Your luggage suggests that you brought back a piece of China AND Hong Kong.

Let me ask you this, how many of the stuff you guys brought were ACTUALLY used/useful?

moomooman said...

Based on estimation, useful capacity is about 50%. The remaining 50% belongs to the category of "just in case..."

Actually we were "conned" into believing that these places were cold and we brought lots of winter clothings. Except for the last day, these places are actually warm. No sweat kinda of warm. And you could walk around in T-shirts.

I ended up buying T-shirts there as I wasn't prepared.

Thank you Giordano.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oops that was me with the "Hahaha", fingers still asleep! Anyway, you should have done a little "homework" and checked out the average temp. your destinations! Also, apart from a little cold wear, you could have bought wat you needed there. Tsk tsk, a seasoned traveller like u & wifey should know better!

moomooman said...

season traveller is one thing... kiasu old folks who insisted to bring a shipment over is another.


Anonymous said...

hello moomooman, welcome home. looking forward to more entries of your holiday adventures.

mr anonymous