Sunday, December 31, 2006

there's something about .....2006

How time flies. Just about exactly a year ago, I wrote about my year in 2005 and my resolutions (yes... I do try to achieve them) see link

And now it's time to do that for 2006.

Top 10 Highlights of 2006.

No.10 I did a post on my bro-in-law sometimes in March this year and registered a unusually high hits. See link This is because Mr Wang mentioned it and later it was picked up in

No.9 Another of my post on Miss Universe's erhem was highlight by Miyagi in TODAY. See link

(Actually the only reason why the above 2 make it to the "highlight" is because this year has been a boring year and I have difficulty finding 10 highlights. It's not for the ego)

No.8 The amount of sick-spells and medical bills this year. The whole family has a sick spell during the new year period. And during the haze in October, I had ulcers in my throat that lasted 1.5 months. And my family got sick during the holidays as well that lasted about 1 month.

No. 7 Coolcat moved house. As mentioned, in a year of no-event, this can also be my highlight.

No. 6 My petrol in my car went dry. See link

No. 5 I finally voted in an Election!!! First time and don't know when I will have another go at it. It's a good feeling to have a hand in nation building. Now I can proudly say I voted PM LEE in.

No. 4 My trip to Teochew. I felt I have touch base with my roots. And the fact that I'm there with my Dad and my Son was extra sweet.

No.3 My son calling me PAPA. To witness the growing process of my son is simply amazing.

No. 2 Discovering my cyst. Emotionally, this is rock bottomed. See link

No. 1 Going thru Cystoscopy. Physically, this is rock bottomed. I think this might even be the top 3 highlight of my life, not to even mentioned 2006. See link

2005 Resolutions

Let's see if I have met any of them:

No.1. Learn how to set up webpage. I think this is a natural progression from Blog.

Status: Not even near. In fact, I think this is too ambitious and I will strike this out for the rest of my life. However, I did manage to start on a business blog to be launch soon. So I think in blogging terms, I have progressed a little bit.

No.2. To improve on my business and hope for a breakthru year.

Status: Met. Phew...

No.3. To become a better father. I think I'm lagging from my wife.

Status: I tried. And my wife went further ahead.

No.4. To lose weight. I have lost 2 kg in the last few months, hope to hit 75kg.

Status: It ballooned further. I gain back that 2 kg I lost in late December last year and even more. In fact the last 2 months, I felt heavier. Damn.

No.5. To find a new hobby.

Status: Still searching.

2007 Resolutions

Carried forward:

1.) To Improve on my Business and hope for a breakthru year. In fact, this shall remain permanent.

2.) To catch up with my wife to be a good parent. To be rephrased.

3.) To lose weight. Ok.. let's be realistic. 78kg will be my target for this year.

4.) To find a new hobby.

New Resolutions:

2A) To read more books with my son.

3A.) Be healthy. To cut down on visits to Clinic by half to almost zero in 2007.

5) Can making babies be a Resolution, can.. ok lah...


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