Saturday, December 27, 2008

there's something about ..... nonya

In a show that swept Singapore by storm, according to official statistics and unofficial statistics based on the number of aunties I heard from my mum who watches the show religiously, this show failed to add me as one of the statistic.

It's not the show. I just do not watch period dramas. Or shows that are set in the early days of Singapore before independence. I just got no interest at all in such shows.

Nevermind that it has 3 of Singapore starlets in it. Nevermind that it is guaranteed that in a show like this, it will feature at least 1 raped scene, multiple attempted rapes, multiple attempted molests, perhaps some molest... topics that will guarantee box office.

Nope... no interest.

And early this week, I finally caught 1 espisode. It's that espisode where Joanna Peh was raped. Now i know why this show is a Box-office draw in Singapore. The screen writer is not interested in just writing a normal rape scene. ie, rapist rape victim. period.

They must sensationalise the scene.

It mustn't be just a simple rape scene of the maid which is the Lead Actress.

In fact, It must be a mistaken identity.

The Victim should not be another maid.

The Victim should be the Master's daughter, a goody girl next door (also a virgin, this was emphasised) who is there, not because she happens to be there, but there because she was doing a good deed trying to release the maid from captivity, not realising that a rapist is on his way to rape the maid.

Yes. A good deed. Ie, the feeling instilled into the audience must be the feeling of "DAMN SUEY", "DAMN WASTED"

In order to magnify that feeling of "DAMN SUEY", or make it "DAMN SUPER SUEY", this travesty could have been prevented if the Victim's sister who came upon the attempted rape, called for help... but NO... due to some rivalry, she decided to walk away.

In order to super magnify that feeling of "DAMN SUPER SUEY", the victim actually saw her sister witnessing her trauma, and saw her sister walking away from it.

You think that's it? NO.....

The script writer wrote the scene ending with the sister closing the window to make sure no passer-by could even know there was a crime taking place. At this point, most audience would be cursing not at that Rapist, but at the sister!!! The emphasis was not on the crime itself, it was the sibling rivalry!!



Unknown said...

This show even made it to

Anonymous said...

this scene is somewhere at the 20th min.

Anonymous said...

sorry...11th min