Tuesday, December 02, 2008

there's something about ..... trivial pursuit

We are really living in a very turbulent time....

We are entering in the a global economy crisis, jobs will be lost, bankruptsy will increase, houses might be foreclosed, retrenchment will increase....

If that is not giving you a headache, you got to read about Bangkok's political crisis. Airport is closed, tourists are stranded. Protesters fighting with police.. Army trying to do another coup perhaps.

Then, there is another heartache in the form of Terrorists attack at Mumbai, where a Singaporean was killed. This took place in a City, which in my opinion, is too close for comfort.

Then, there is a group of Singaporeans that thinks that tissue paper is a menace to the lunch crowd society, and they put up lots of resistance to fight against the right way to use tissue paper.

Then, there is a good-looking mid-30s chap trying to outdo one primary school boy half his height in a xbox game.... in a public place.... on a demo....

Not to be outdone, 2 groups of Singaporeans in Facebook are trying to argue whether pork should be allowed in an International Sandwich joints. Yes.. we are talking about bacon bits.

We are really living in a turbulent era.

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