Thursday, December 04, 2008

there's something about ..... streaming

It's tough to contain my happiness.

I felt I hit gold. But again, I felt I hit gold when I beat the young punk!

DVD quality movies, stream to your notebook, output to LCD TV, felt like watching a real DVD movie..... FREE. FREE!!! FREE!!!!!!!

What Mio TV?

What Paid Video ON Demand from Starhub?!?!

What youtube?

3 Cheers to China!

HOORAY to China!!!

Without China... our cost of living would go up.

With China..... No subscriptions. No DVD Rentals. No need to pay. Just good DVD quality movies, legally stream to you.

Ok... so they may not have the latest titles.

But we are not talking about movies in the 80s, 90s either. The latest movie I saw was Drillbit Taylor. I believe this is a 2008 movie.

RedCliff part 1 is also in there.

Plus a list of older top movies all in the last few years.

Plus a longer list of B grade movies where you wouldn't spend money either watching it at the cinemas or renting it from video stores. But they are still your watchable movies. At zero costs, any movies are watchable!!!

The convenience of it is that I can watch it anytime I want, stop and continue the next day. Watch 1 quarter of it and decided you don't like it? Just don't watch lor.... you wouldn't feel the pinch since IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!

3 cheers to CHINA!!!!



Lin said...

Would you like to share your newfound joy ??

Anonymous said...


How do I download movie n watch it anytime I like?


Anonymous said...

give me your email, I teach you.

No need to download, it's instant stream. I wait like 20 secs.

Anonymous said...