Thursday, December 18, 2008

there's something about ..... stephanie sun

I officially declared 18 December is Stephanie Sun day for me.

Not because today is her birthday....

Not because she won some prestigious music award....

But because I saw her today.. in real person.

I couldn't believe my eyes really. There she was, walking past me, and I didn't do anything silly.

Of course, I could have approached her, ask for an autograph but I am too old for that.

Of course, I could have approached her, ask for her number but I could probably received an injuction from Court to keep a 50 metres distant from her.

And of course, I could have just approached her and tell her I am a fan of hers and proud of her.

Seeing her today just reinforced my opinion of her.

No pretendence. No make-up. Simply dressed up. Nothing extravagance. No silly caps that cover half your face... YES... WONG LILIN.. I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU.

Just plain. Just herself.

Yes. She does appear awkward. I wouldn't blame her really. Wong Li Lin with a Singapore-made movie under her cap (pun intended), couldn't even walk outdoor without a cap covering half her face, worried that Fans (if any) would recognise her and rush up and bother her. And we are talking about Stephanie Sun. A bona fide celebrity with fans Worldwide and sold millions of albums.

And fame, comes loneliness. She is like a poor little rich girl. Or at least that is how I feel in that brief moment when we crossed path.

Well, and since today is Stephanie Day for me, it's only apt I put a MTV here.

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Lin said...

Thx for the upload.

Merry Christmas.