Thursday, December 29, 2005

there's something about ..... Christmas

Christmas come and gone. Nabeh.

Good things always come and go very fast. Bad things come very fast but go very slowly.

Boxing Day is literally a day where I kenna "box", some more over the trivial of matters, none of which is my fault.

That is the problem when your job nature is 24/7. I ever received an SMS from my client 4am in the morning, she decided to send me the sms when she remembers in the middle of the night because she was afraid of forgetting it the next day. Problem is, I forgot to set my phone to silent mode.

Anyway, Christmas Gathering at Jeff's was good. And when I arrived, I realised we haven't been to their place since exactly a year ago. Wow... that must have broken some record, considering I was a regular visitor to their house....... and toilet.

Again, we never seems to learn.... we seems to have over-catered the food.

Very merry

What is see above did not even include 2 boxes of Salad which was left untouched, half the logcake not finished, 1 bottle of juice-wine not opened.

I reckon based on value, it's probably a wastage of about $80.

Log cake

How come Christmas Cake must be a Log Cake? I haven't eaten anything christmas cake that is not a "LOG" cake. Just because Chocolate cake is popular, they conveniently use chocolate to make a brown-looking cake and named it "log"? Nabeh. Talk about creativity.

Playing some one else's present

I think my kid inherited abit of me. Which is, can Play... no need to sleep. In fact, every day he sleeps around 12 plus, which I was told it's bad for the kid. But what to do.

He sleeps with us and we don't sleep until he sleeps. If we awake, how he sleeps early. That night, he slept around 1 plus 2, and even that it's due to much coasing.

I think at baby's term, he seems to enjoy that night. I think he got sick of the same old toys he has at home, and Jeff's place got alot of different toys. Hor say liao, I just found myself a new excuse to go Jeff's place more often.

Gift exchange this year is kinda of interesting. The value is upped to $20, first time since we celebrate christmas together.

Interestingly, a Straits Times article a day before was on Gifts that Most people dislikes. Not surprisingly.... NO.1 ..... PHOTO FRAMES. Hahaha.

We went shopping for Gift Exchanges at Takashimaya this year. Not only for the gathering, but also for my wife's office party.

The office party has a $10 budget which after years of experience, I could almost immediately know what to buy. I reckon, if I were to buy it, I can choose something and pay up in less than 5 mins.

But my dear wife..... woman being woman... they want to spend more time choosing the right present, making sure that whoever receive it will like it.

My explanation to my wife (often fell on deaf ears) is like this, firstly, there aren't that many choices at $10 where "whoever receive it will like it". I told her, have we like any of the presents in the last donkey years of gift exchange at $10? Except... the very last one where I got a key pouch and even that is not $10.

So, if you can't determine who will get your present, the profile of the person that will get your present, how can you determine what present that someone will like?

So I told her, to waste time, and just buy. But as I said, it often fell on deaf ears.

After like 40 mins, we go pay up.... and she got a PHOTO FRAME for her office party. Wah.... luckily I don't work there.

I don't know what's with TAKASHIMAYA's Wrapper. Every girl crave for the wrapper. The queue for the wrapper is like super long. My wife insisted that I queue for it.

I told her... aiyeah... just take any wrapper we have at home lah... why must queue for it. Of course, again... it fell on deaf ears. And I have to queue.

Maybe it's the fact that Taka got this snob appeal and thus everything that comes with a Taka wrapper, must be expensive.... even if it is a $10 PHOTO FRAME. Ultimate.

Lesson learnt no.1. It's not what's on the outside, it's what's in the inside.

Back to our gift exchange, this year $20 budget present some unusual things. I was quietly observing to see if there is a more expensive photoframe or a more expensive mug. But... they veli good.... they put in more thoughts this time round, maybe because at $20, there are more options.

We have :
  • Optical microsoft mouse. Veli happening... because the buyer of that gift decided to go MOTOROLA RAZ V3 by buying 2 of different colours... one black and one pink. PINK mouse.... to me... that is really cute.
  • cushion Clock.
  • Fila Bag
  • key chain
  • Soft toy
  • Towels
I think every thing this year is quite practical.

I remember the most classic of gifts in the past....
  • 2 metal balls that one rolled within their hands, supposedly for blood circulation. That balls without parantel supervision, can killed someone if some kid use it and play baseball with it.

I hope edwin has improved health since then.

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