Saturday, December 31, 2005

there's something about ..... year end

I'm always quite nostalgia about the year's end. I willl always look back on the year and think what have I done, what happened in the year, what's the up and down of the year etc etc.

So this is the TOP 10 things of 2005 to me.

AT NO. 10. Setting up this blog. It's no big deal as it's really quite simple, even for a technical nerd like me. But what is significant is that, I actually stick to my 2005 resolution of doing something like this.

NO.9. My maid arrived. While this is also no big deal to most people, but this present a change in lifestyle to me. I can't walk freely in my bare body, I can't talk and act crazy, I have to constantly look Fierce, which is hard.

NO.8. Got a "new" Desktop PC. This will deserve a mention since this only happen like once every 5 years. Surely this must be very shallow, considering even without one, my life will not be any better or worse. But you must know, with a boring life like mine, such things can be top 10 lah.

NO.7. Treasure Hunt. I really enjoy this. It's something I look forward to experiencing it for a long time ago, so this is definitely a highlight of the year.

NO.6. My birthday. While I celebrated this every year, this is the first year I celebrated as a father. It's a big jump in your life.

NO.5. Send my maid back. It's not so much about the sending. But the events that lead up to the sending off. It was a nightmare over 2 weeks, constantly staying up in the middle of the night to play dedectives, constantly worrying about strangers coming into our house, and the safety of my family.

NO.4. Sold of my car. This was an emotional send-off. Yes... I initiated the selling. I wanted to sell. But that doesn't mean I can't miss my car, especially it also goes with my number plate over 13 years.

NO.3. Liverpool win Champions League. Grown man do cry.

NO.2. Going thru labour with my wife. It's a hell of a experience. I'm sure my wife felt the same way. This not only rank as the highlight of the year, but I guess it's also the highlight of our lives.

NO.1 Birth of my son. Grown man do cry.

Anyway, 2005 is coming to an end. I will always remember it for the lovely memories it gave me.

My resolution for 2006, in no particular order.

No.1. Learn how to set up webpage. I think this is a natural progression from Blog.

No.2. To improve on my business and hope for a breakthru year.

No.3. To become a better father. I think I'm lagging from my wife.

No.4. To lose weight. I have lost 2 kg in the last few months, hope to hit 75kg.

No.5. To find a new hobby.

So, meanwhile, I wish 2006 a better year for everyone.


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