Tuesday, December 06, 2005

there's something about ..... our president

I'm not making fun of our president because I do like him as a person. But I can't help feeling that he was sabotaged by TCS.

TCS event organiser chairman: Mr President, do we have the honour to have you to be our guest of honour for the Media Event of the year?

Mr President: Oh... sure... but I thought NKF no longer have charity show... and Singapore Idol not here yet right?

TCS event organiser chairman: No.. it's much bigger than that, it is so big that it will be telecast over 2 channels simultaneously and 1.7m viewers are expected to watch the show because we will make sure they have nothing else to watch.

Mr President: Wah... like that, I definitely have to grace the event. Which charity event is it?

TCS: Err.. Mr President, it's not a charity event, but it's bigger than that. It's the STARS AWARDS, where we present awards to TCS artistes every year.

Mr President: huh?!?!??!

TCS: Not only that, you will give out the ALL TIME FAVOURITE AWARD to an international Star, very famous one, got film in Hollywood, China and taiwan one. So which is why we must also have a heavyweight to present this award, no one better than our president, your honour. Imagine, all the regional press will be present to capture this moment, and your picture will be splash across all major newspaper in the region and worldwide. We are talking about International Star here.

Mr President: ok. ok. ok. Hollywood star. So who is it?

During the show..........

Mr President: Thought you guys told me this is an english event?

Mr Banyan Tree aka chairman of Mediacorp: But we do have International Stars coming over from Taiwan and Hong Kong and I'm sure they speak English. Don't worry, I have already told Gurmit Singh and Mark Lee to say something in English later.

Mr President: Now that I have presented the award to the hollywood star, can I leave now?

Mr Banyan Tree: I'm afraid not sir, this is a 3 hours show....

Mr President: But everything in Chinese and I don't understand.

Mr Banyan Tree: It's ok sir, which is why I'm sitted next to you so that I can translate everything they say... that lady there, she is zoe tay, she come out and try to be funny, want that guy there call Christopher Lee next to her to proposed on stage to the hollywood star, this one hor... unscripted one, I also dunno she will do that, .... DEAR... can you stop showing that magazine to Mrs Nathan, it's very distracting.

Do we really need our president to be guest of honour in a Show like this? Even a member of Parliament would have been overkilled. I wish TCS would stop making a mockery of our honour in future by making him sit throughout a 3 hour event show in a language he couldn't understand and a show that is gossipy in nature.

I feel sorry for him. But at least he got to hug Fann Wong UPCLOSED.

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