Friday, December 16, 2005

there's something about ..... pang sai

So I admit.... I probably got a mild Irritational Bowel Syndrome. I have probably used all toilets in Singapore... including Jeff's house (many times), anthony's house, Lily's house, Leon's house....

Yesterday, I used the toilet at NTUC Temporary supermarket at Ang Mo Kio Central. Temporary because their megamart is currently under construction, so they did up a very decent like machiam actual supermarket like that, at a temporary site.

Their toilet is located on one end right at the front portion of the supermarket, where all the cashiers are located. So the moment you are out of the cashier, you can't miss the toilet. IT'S THAT VISIBLE!!!!

As a government-linked supermarket, I expect them to adhere to MOH regulations that ALL PUBLIC TOILETS must have toilet papers. The 10 cent you pay is meant for the cleaners to clean the toilet and toilet paper should come free.

Anyway, this NTUC do not give out free toilet papers. Nabeh. They have this "TOILET PAPER DISPENSER" right outside the toilet, AT FULL VIEW FROM THE PUBLIC. You pay 10 cents and the machine will "churn" out the toilet paper.... WITH A LOUD MOTOR ROTATING NOISE.

It almost felt like the sound travels to as far as the first few cashier counters.

NABEH!!! win liao lor... now everyone queuing will know that I'm going to Pang Sai!!!

And 10 cents barely produce enough toilet paper. I don't know about everyone, But I uses ALOT, for other practical reasons other than cleaning.

I uses toilet paper:

  • To clean the toilet seat.
  • To lay one round, sometimes 2 layer of toilet paper on the Toilet Seat to protect my beautiful ass from germs.
  • To put some into the water to minimise "splashing".


Because of the loud motor sound, I'm too pai seh to insert another coin for more toilet paper. Also... 20 cents for a toilet in NTUC? This is not Paragon. Even Paragon is free now, with ALOT of toilet paper, can even Da Pao one stack for future use.

So, if I only have enough to clean and nothing more for the above antics.... And the toilet being the sitting type and not the squatting type.... how?

Nabeh......I Squat on the Toilet bowl.

If you haven't try that before.... you should try.... it's super straining on your feet and calf. And if you are a six-footer like me......


coolcat said...

pang sai also u write.. win liao lor

moomooman said...

you miss my point leh... I talking about NTUC not providing sufficient toilet paper.