Thursday, December 22, 2005

there's something about ..... pc upgrade

My PC is finally upgraded!!!!

I do this (I meant the whole excercise) like every 5 years. And I'm not joking. Just to share with you a bit history of my PC.

I bought my PC in 1992. If you ever remember, DIGITEK. Last time this brand like machiam damn can. Before that, my PC was SHERRY... remember that brand. Like also machiam very can also.

But both the brands now... not very can. Cannot find.

Some time in 1998/9, I took over Anthony's hardware and put it into my Digitek. I believe it was Pentium 2.

And now... in 2005 December, almost 2006... I inherited Lily's PC. A pentium 3. But this process is damn CHI CHAM.

2 weeks ago, lily bought a new harddisk for the setup. After installing all the software, I think the PC got error... cannot run.

Over the weekend, lily tried again... and it was working. Hor Say liao, I took it back yesterday with full of anticipation, set it up at home.....

And..... I got an error "65k/56hz frequency out of range".

Win liao... monitor problem. Lily did the setup at her place and the system accepted her LCD panel as default and my 1998/9 Philip CRT monitor cannot accept the frequency. Nabeh.

I was given 3 solutions today:
  1. Bring the system back to Lily and set the monitor to a lower resolution and bring it back.
  2. Buy a new LCD panel.
  3. Re-install XP and thus all the softwares that I bought original from local shops (DO NOT BUY PIRATES) and was previously installed by Lily into the system will thus be gone.

I wouldn't have mind the first option accept.... the system is too heavy. I reckon is near 10kg. Bringing it around don't sound like a good idea in case something inside got loose due to vibration.

Lily suggested lending me the LCD panel instead but didn't want to bother her with that again.

So I decided to buy a LCD panel 17 inch. Almost commited to a LG one at $400. But for whatever technical thing that I buy, I will always call Anthony and Lily to get a final opinion first.

Anthony felt I should really try option 1 before buying. Lily felt I shouldn't even buy at all as the investment may not give me much return since I may not used it as frequent. And she ask me to go for option 3 saying that I need to go thru the process to learn.

And luck would have it, she accidentally left my original XP disk inside the CD rom. Thus I was able to proceed re-installing immediately.

But suay suay.... going thru half way, I realised I need to have product key and the box is with her back home.

Anyway, after all the hassle, finally everything is up.

I reckon by my next upgrade.....

  • Casino will be up.
  • Circle line will be up.
  • Singapore DAM will be up.

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