Saturday, June 03, 2006

there's something about ..... occasion

Just realised this must be the longest break between posting since I started this blog.

Bo bian... has been too busy with work. Now it's almost practically 7 days a week!! But might as well, World Cup is coming.... so better stock up for the lull period.

Every year for the last few years, I will mark my calender for some major events coming up for the year. Not your usual birthdays or anniversaries as those usually do not require much effort to remember. But like big parties, big gatherings, buddy's wedding, new baby....things like that. I like big occasions.

I remember attending Swing Singapore and Countdown parties with "wolf" during our mid-20s. Or organising those Christmas parties on Hotel Suites.

So now... I'm marking out 2 approximate dates.

One is Coolcat's Housewarming probably soon. I like gate-crashing.... not that I'm not invited. But I like to gate-crash buddies house before they settled in.

Years ago, I slept on Jeff's Sofa immediately when the Sofa arrived. I dunno why I was so tired. The Sofa came, and I slept like 10 mins.

And you bet I'm patiently waiting for Coolcat's sofa to arrive.

The next thing I'm looking forward to is Ella's new little sibling coming soon in September.

To all my buddies out there... do me a favour in no particular order:
  • Please get a girlfriend/boyfriend and marry them.
  • Procreate... the more the merrier.
  • Buy more houses and keep moving.
  • Or if the above option is not possible, keep changing sofas.


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dandan...™ said...

I like your..."There's Something About cow.dunking.."

so cute..heez..