Tuesday, February 13, 2007

there's something about ..... comfort

Last weekend, I was at Toys R Us. And I came across this fabulous, super-desirable toy one can ever imagine and it's finally available to ALL fans of COMFORT TAXI!!!!!!

Somemore... buy 2 get 3rd Free... WOW... WHAT A GREAT DEAL!!!! I can now proudly display them at Home, not 1, not 2.. but 3 of them side by side.

Then, i can play the cars, like who can cut each other lane's better, we can speed past traffic lights faster, we can horn their cars louder, who can suddenly cut into other's cars lane and suddenly stop so that they can pick up my other toy passengers.

Then I can put a clock near the taxi and just about 11pm, I will hide the taxis among my other toys, and make them resurface at 12am. So fun!!

And maybe I should buy more taxis. So that I can line them up near my toy airport.

So much fun!!!

GO and Buy them before they are sold out!! Don't say I never warn you... BUY 2 GET 3RD FREE!!!! Damn good deal!!!!


Anonymous said...

mrbrown mentioned about your post on this comfort taxi toy on his blog.

seriously, i would get one for my collection if i were in singapore. it isn't too expensive, and looks well-detailed. who knows this might be collector's item years down the road.

the makers could do a retro series: taxis from the 60s till present, SBS buses (from the early 70s till present). will be very cool.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Wah, mrbrown mentioned moomooman's post? Are you sure it's not the other way round?

It's so obvious after reading this post that moomooman here loves our local cabbies to death. Hehehe.