Thursday, February 22, 2007

there's something about ..... horoscope

Is it still call horoscope for 十二生肖?

Anyway, coolcat called me over CNY to tell me that my horoscope in this new year is not great where luck is concerned. Big gambling will lose, small gambling might win a little.

She is not too far wrong.

First Day of CNY, I played "ban luck" (nabeh... translation also so suey) and lost about $50. And mind you... it was a small game involving a maximum of only $2 per bet.

And... mind you further... I was the banker.

And mind you furthest... I was the banker on 2 occasions and lost on both occasions.

Well, bo bian.. perhaps the people I played with are from other horoscope.

The next day, I played "ban luck" again. This time round, I'm playing with people all my age. Surely, everyone should be equally down.

I lost $200. And I'm one of 2 who lost to the other 4. All my age. Nabeh.

If you think this "luck" thing only extend to gambling... think again.

I was at Glutton Square yesterday, next to Esplanade. I decided to try new stuffs. There was this stall called "Happy Pot" selling steamboat in a claypot being heated by charcoal. It's a small little claypot.

I ordered a set for myself. It includes some vegetables, 3 fishballs, 2 prawns, probably 5 pieces of meat, 1 bowl of rice... for a total of $9.60!!!!! And mind you again, it's not buffet.

Wah... I can go Marina South for unlimited servings for a little more!!!

The whole concept while they claimed is the one and only in Singapore, I will tell you it will also be my one and only visit to them. Not so much of price point, but hey... mini-steamboat and not buffet... I might as well order those Fish/meat soup with rice for $4.

After dinner, I took a stroll to River Ang Pao.

It's quite a spectacle.

I saw this obesce chap dressing up as 财神爷 giving divine advices to people who treats him like a demi-god. These people will buy this red-little pouch from his minders, and they will be blessed by this Fat Guy. All he asked is your horoscope, and he will recite your year's fortune before ending with a FA CAI and he will touch your forehead like he has already blessed you. And mind.. you should take a look at these people's face. They really do believe him.

I stayed longer enough to know that his recital is the same for everyone of the same horoscope.

I came across another stall. They are selling a service to read your palm via computer for a mere $2. You put your palm into a scanner, and it will print out your year's fortune thru a printer.

I decided to try... afterall... I've already lost like $250 on cards, what's another $2 just for some palm reading.

When it's my turn, they asked for my horoscope again. And I knew this was another scam. I mean... palm reading need to know horoscope one meh.

The printout read more like the general reading based on your horoscope than anything to do with palm.

In another words..... nabeh.

You see... when you are down with luck, you would even be cheated by a computer.

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