Thursday, February 01, 2007

there's something about ..... stadium

Just caught the Asean Football match between Singapore and Thailand.... at home.

I would have loved to go National Stadium to relive those memories of the Malaysia Cup days but....
1.) at this age, I stop queuing for things.
2.) Nobody within my circle of friends seems to be interested to go.
3.) Might as well, as I was working and got home at 9pm, meaning to say I miss the first goal.

Of course, the biggest talking point is how Thailand players refused to continue the game when a penalty was awarded against them.

But my biggest regret about this match is not about the controversy, but the VERY LAST GOAL SCORED in National Stadium is by an adopted Ang Moh!! Not by any pure Singaporean.... but a ANG MOH!!!!

So what, some might argue... afterall... they are permanent citizen what.

Call me traditionalist... but if anyone should take the last kick to end the curtains for a National monument, it should be Alistair Edwards or Abbas Saad. Not some Ang Moh... which seriously I still do not know what's his name.

Of course, I'm joking lah.

I feel a Singaporean should have taken the penalty kick. period.


What do we need to tear down National Stadium?

Do we need spend millions of dollars so that we can build a newer Stadium so that it again will be under-utilised?

We are not English Premier League. In Fact, I don't even favour replacing historical stadiums in England like Highbury and Old Trafford. But then again, I'm not English. They can tear down any buildings they like.

Why is there a need to have a spanking new National Stadium?

There are talks that we should sell naming rights to our Stadium a-la the American as well as the English where Arsenal's stadium is named after Emirates.

How about calling our National Stadium....

1.) Breadtalk Stadium
2.) Tanjong Rhu Pao Stadium
3.) Sheng Siong Stadium

That way... public spending on white elephants can be minimised.

Anyway, Go Singapore Go!!!!!


cheeky said...

Haha, like the comment about stopping queueing for things

Anonymous said...

actually, isnt singapore an immigration society when it first started?

my daughter is a us citizen by birth, and would have stayed in us for 4 years before she follows me back to singapore. would the fact that she is not borne in singapore make her less of a singaporean, as compared to singaporeans born and raised up here, if she decides to give up her her us citizenship and takes up singapore citizenship in future?

or is it because of the 'skin' factor?

i personally have no issues with foreign-born and foreign-raised citizens representing singapore colors. these are my persoanl views, and i dont mean to criticize. everyone has the right to feel the way he or she has about issues.

as for the National Stadium, i would prefer a retrofit so the the mainframe is still as it is, as compared to tearing it down and building a new one. i guess every singaporean has his or her memories associated with the National Stadium.

Mr Anonymous

moomooman said...

Hi Anonymous,

No offence intended from this entry.

And it's definitely not a case of "skin" factor since I'm talking about a supposedly more superior race which is a caucasian, politically incorrect since all races should be the same.

I personally have no issues with foreign-born and foreign-raised citizens contributing towards our economy.

However, I can't seems to apply that on sports.Perhaps I felt that getting "imports", give them PR, represent us in sports, win medals, thus win money... just fall short of sportmanship. The need to win at all costs.

But then again, that's happening to all developed countries.

I guess... it's just me.

Anonymous said...

i am actually a bit worried about the security for the match in bangkok. let's hope no one gets hurt or anything. this is, afterall, just a soccer match.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Looking at the design of the new "floating" stadium, if it does become under-utilised again, our government only needs to detonate charges place at the walkways connecting to the platform and the problem should just float away. Hehehehehe....:D

moomooman said...


Are you from PAP?