Tuesday, February 06, 2007

there's somethng about ..... arena

Just caught the result show for "Arena". That debate program featuring high school/secondary schools students in a "Gladiator" style platform.

I didn't watch the main debate but caught snippets of it during the result show. Today's topic was about Singapore's service standard being bad. The proposition team was from United World Colleage, one of the top International School in Singapore.. vs the opposition team of Nanyang Girls School, one of the top secondary school in Singapore.

And Guess who won?



Slam Dunk!!!

One horse race!!!

No horse run!!!

It's like Manchester United vs Singapore!!!

It's like Italy vs Singapore!!!

I can't believe it. The score is 74 vs 26 in favour of United World College.

Of course, caucasians are natural speakers of the english language, but surely that is not the reason for the trashing! Are these students more matured in terms of age, as in a 17 year old kid vs a 15 year old kid? I'm not too sure.

Surely those girls from Nanyang can't be that bad to be trashed!

Is there a fundamental problem with our Singapore Educational System?

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