Monday, November 10, 2008

there's something about ..... airline

This is a true story. It's unbelievable. But it's true.

This Guy I know, has been working as a blue-collar worker since he left school. Recently, he became a white-collar worker because one of his relative hired him due to business expansion.

So one Sunday, he was told to pick up a caucasian from the Airport coming in from an European Airline in the morning around 8+.

Armed with only the caucasian's name and being told that the caucasian is about 2m tall, he went to the Airport to wait.

Yes. Just the name and his height. He didn't think it was necessary to bring along a A4 paper and write the caucasian's name on it. Afterall, how many in the world is 2m tall? They are not like NBA players. They are Europeans and based on footballers in the Barclay's Premier League, most are probably mostly 1.8m average, unless you are Peter Crouch. But you can easily spot a Peter Crouch at the Airport.

When the passengers started streaming out, he realised alot of Caucasians were very tall. So he immediately went to borrow a paper and wrote his name on it.

He waited for about an hour and still nobody came forward and he decided that he might have missed out on him.

He promptly drove over to the Hotel to see if this Caucasian has checked in himself.

When told that nobody checked in with that name, he promptly cancel the Hotel booking, and he decided that nothing much can be done, and so he decided to go back home.....AND SLEEP.

That's right. Very good EQ. When you couldn't do anything about any situation, just go back and sleep. Worry about it later.

About 4pm that day, after his sleep, he called my wife.

He asked my wife what he should do now. He is smart enuff not to call me. Or I would give him hell.

What should he do now?

He could:
1.) Quit his job.
2.) Continue sleeping.
3.) Watch TV
4.) Bring his kids out.
5.) call the Airline.

I thought the solution is pretty obvious. But what is obvious to me, may not necessary be obvious to everyone.

My wife then told him to call the Airline.

This guy being told of this, was not too appreciative by that obvious solution. He probably already thought of that, but didn't think it would work and called my wife, only to be given that same solution. I mean.. THERE IS ONLY 1 SOLUTION. What else could anyone do? Make a police report on missing person? The police couldn't even find Mas Selamat, with pictures!! And you think they can find a 2m tall caucasian?

He retorted saying that no Airline would bother to respond to a query like that. And even asked my wife "if you are in their shoes, would you reveal?"

After a few arguments, this guy finally realised that perhaps, there is only really just 1 solution. And so he asked my wife to surf the internet for the Airline's number. My wife couldn't do it. But really she didn't want to. And so she asked him to call 100. (I think 100 is no longer active, if I am not wrong is 77777777)

This guy probably didn't want to pay any surcharge, and he decided to try other cheaper alternatives.

He remembered he had breakfast at MACDONALD at the airport and he remember he kept the receipt.






?!??!?!?!?!?!?! Why????

How could Macdonald help him??

He found the phone number of Macdonald on the receipt and he called them!!!

No, he didn't call them to complement their nice food and good service. He called them to ask them to help find that airline phone number!!

The helpful Macdonald staff must be amused. They transfer his line to the Airport Police Post, after explaining that Macdonald only really sells burger and fries, and they do not own any airlines.

The police subsequently transfer his call to the Airline counter, after making sure that none of these are prank calls. I mean, if I am the police, and someone else connect the call from Macdonald asking for a Airline phone number, I would immediately notify CID.

And this guy was able to finally get the information he wants from the airline.

And my brother in law was proud of his achievement in getting things done.


cheeky said...

wahaha this story funny sia. Share more stories about your brother in law leh.

Anonymous said...

Some people just need more help than others...

moomooman said...


I am compiling stories and hope to publish a book about them.

I even got the book's name ready, it will be called "Brother-in-law". No need to engage branding company and pay hundreds of thousands.


I totally agreed. He seek help from 1 MNC and 1 Government Ministry, that's all.