Friday, November 14, 2008

there's something about ..... paper or rubber

Just came back from a location in Singapore where they hold regular warehouse sales.

In what was consider a disturbing sight for me, I witness how people chosed to spend their money during this recession in Singapore.

God's know whether this will be the worst recession ever, but when it comes to spending, Singaporeans knew their priorities.

The picture is taken from MPH warehouse sales today in the afternoon.

Quite healthy turnout, I must say. People do know the importance of books.

Self-improvement in times like today is so important, so that you continue to enrich yourself and hopefully you could starve off retrenchment or make yourself more employable.

People also know the importance that the journey to recovery is a long way. The road to survivorship is bumpy.

Unemployment could be on the rise, going for numerous interviews could be common.

Therefore a comfortable shoes is still a necessity.

Not just your ordinary comfortable shoes, it must be RUBBER, it must be in bold colours, it must be of a international brand, nevermind it's ugly, but it must be comfortable.... and cheap.


Yes. It must be cheap. Otherwise, why should thousands of people go to CROCS Sales, grabbing all colours, all designs, all sizes, so afraid of being on the losing end.

Buying just 1 pair?

Are u crazy?!?!?

The queue is about 2 hours long, and you just want to buy 1 pair??!?!Everyone I saw is buying by the truckloads. Ok... maybe not truckloads, but car-boot loads.

It's like the whole Singapore population took leave today to buy CROCS.

The price is not too bad. $20 for most rubbers. It's like alot of people who have previously baulked at paying $80 to buy a pair of rubber slipons that would make Phua Chu Kang fashionable, are there today so that they can now finally look like Phua Chu Kang.

So why am I there?

Oh... I went to the book sales lah... and I happen to just go in to CROCS lor...

Did I buy?



No time to queue lah.

Anyway, Singaporeans have spoken. Rubber Slip-ons is more important than books.

picture taken of a typical load of Crocs sales today.

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