Tuesday, November 25, 2008

there's something about ..... facebook

My wife last night asked me about facebook. She heard about it, but wasn't too sure what it does. Yes.. she is not exactly very up-to-date about such things.

So I told her that facebook is a website that lets people "show off" their lives. Putting up their photographs "to share" but really it's about showing off their perceived coolness to their friends.

And also to tell their network of friends what they were doing in their normal time, assuming their network of friends really want to know what they were doing in their normal time.

And to play some silly poking games that is nothing but alerting your friends to look into your photographs and looking at what you are doing in your normal time.

And a mini competition on who has the most friends... so you added more strangers as friends to boost your ego.


And she replied.... "orhh.. like blogging? but no words lah."

She asked "Do you have a facebook?"

.... "yeah".....

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