Saturday, November 15, 2008

there's something about ..... survival guide to Crocs sale

I sold out!

Yes. I am man of no principles.

Yes. I, now, declared a member of Phua Chu Kang Fan Club.

Yes. I survived Crocs Sales today.

If you think the Hello Kitty Craziness 8 years ago was bad, this is war.

Below is the survival guide to Crocs sale. It's till tomorrow at Expo.

1.) Depending on your tolerance level for waiting, you may go at 9am to queue up. The door open at 10am. I arrived at 9.50am and I was already queuing very near the Taxi stand. The exhibition hall is at one end, and the taxi stand is at the other end. Just to give you an idea the length of the queue.

However, once the door open, the queue move relatively fast. It takes me 20 mins to enter into the exhibition hall. Total time wait: 30mins.

2.) Do not bring bags inside. they won't allow it. Ideally, you should go with 1 more adult. That place is not exactly kid-friendly near the sales tables. You need someone to look after your kid.

3.) Sandals and ladies shoes are the hottest section. Go there first.

4.) After that, kids and men's clogs. Men Shoes are the least popular.

5.) For every section, smallest size is on the left. Biggest size is on the right.

6.) Size 7 and 8 are the hottest.

7.) Don't bother to be friendly.

8.) Pushing is sometimes necessary.

9.) Don't bother to be quiet. You will never get what you want.

10.) Shout the colour and the size, eg "RED 11" "Blue 8". The salespeople do not make eye-contact, they just take whatever they hear. And they will just hold out your order and wait for someone to take it away from their hand. So it's useful if you have long hands.... and big lungs... and loud voice.

11.) When u are done and about to pay up, you will see a very long queue forming. Not to worry, most of them are not ready to pay up as they are "chopping" the queue. "TISSUE PAPER CHOPPING" is not very useful here. Just go up to the sales staff and tell them that you are ready to pay and you will go directly to the front of the queue.

12.) I left at 11am, and there is another long queue outside that couldn't go it. So it's better to go first thing in the morning.

13.) Social Behaviour will cause you to buy things irradically. I bought 7 pairs.


cheeky said...

Nao Hia you are a sell out

Anonymous said...

Yes.. I am ashamed of it.

When my wife knew about the sale, I was ordered to go buy some for the kids.

When I returned home empty-handed the first day, my marriage was nearly on the rock.

God, please save me.