Tuesday, November 18, 2008

there's something about ..... young punks

Last weekend, I was at Plaza Singapura to do some shopping.

While my family members went on with their shopping, I decided to "hang out" at Best Denki to play XBOX 360.

The game on demo was "fifa street 3".

I have some experience playing Fifa street from the 1st version during the black xbox days. So it wasn't too difficult for me to start playing even though I wasn't too fluid about it.

Just when I was playing, one young punk asked to join in. He is probably about half my height, one third of my age, 1/10th of my penis size.

Immediately I could tell that he plays this very regularly (perhaps at home, or he comes to Best Denki every day to play) because he immediately knew how to select his favourite players from "Brazil" while I used default players from "England". I didn't know how to select players.

When we played our 1st Game, this young punk showed his arrogant side. He probably think I was lousy when I was playing alone and he wanted to "trash" or "humiliate" me.

The worst humiliation anyone could do to you, is if the "GOALKEEPER" is to score a goal against you. This young punk has that in mind!!!

His Goalkeeper dribbles all the way, leaving his goalpost unattended, bypassing 2 of my onrushing players trying to tackle him, and when he was about to shoot, my last defender managed to tackle him and got the ball back to my possession.

"Fifa street" is not exactly a real football game. It's a fantasy game. Fantasy game comes with unrealistic moves. Unrealistic moves comes with computer bugs.

The moment I got the ball back just in front of my goalpost, I hit "shoot" and the ball flew into his goal! 1-0 to me.

This young punk couldn't accept his humiliation was on him, and he tried to do that 2 more times. The score 3-0 to me.

I won the first match handsomely.

The second match, he decided to play normal. And you know he can play very well if he is not arrogant.

He trashed me in the second game. We are even at 1-1.

The third game, all dirty moves, football knowledge came into play. It was negative football at it's best. Nobody is conceding unnecessary goals. We played rough tackles. We keep possession etc.

He scored the first goal.

And it looks to be the winning goal with about 15 secs of game time left....

I couldn't penetrate his defence.....

He was too good to "choke"....

Looks like I have to eat humble pie to a young punk....

However, a young punk will always be a young punk. They lacks maturity. They are too arrogant.

After he suffered the first self-inflicted humiliation, he decided that it's time for me to be "humiliated".

With 15 secs to go, his goalkeeper decided to dribble out and again leave his goalpost unattended.

His intention was obvious, he will play "monkey" with me with his goalie. He was not contented about just winning the game. He wants to win it in style.

With about 5 secs to go, I managed to tackle his keeper and manage to hit "shoot" just in time and I equalised!!!


I let out a sarcastic "Ha ha ha". I was unhappy at his arrogant antics.

I could have made it a bigger celebration but I didn't have time as the game continues. Whoever score first in the extra time will win the match.

After I scored that equaliser, this young punk must have gotten a rude shock on his ego. I think it rattles his confidence so much, I think he was crying silently, I think he was experiencing a feeling very much equivalent to the 900 retrenchment staffs at DBS......because soon after in extra time, I SCORED MY WINNING GOAL!!!!!



I was worried about his mental upbringing after this defeat, but then, what the heck... and to rub salt to injury, I shouted out a "YEAH!!!"

And to rub sand into injury, I decided not to play and therefore walked away on the high!!!

And to urinate into his injury, I am going to post his picture here...


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