Saturday, September 27, 2008

there's something about ..... F1 (friday)

Caught the F1 on TV last night.

Realised the biggest winner in Branding exposure is none of those "Singtel", "DHL", or "RBS" or others.

It's "ESPIRIT". That clothing line. Their brand was already prominently displayed on the link bridge between Marina Square and Suntec City all these years. So they have free mileage to reported 500millions worldwide audience, and they don't even have to pay a fee.


Good thing I didn't cancel my sports group. I had wanted to wait till Singapore GP is over first, before cancelling.

Good thing! Channel 5 commentators SUCKS!!! I thought they will carry the same footage as in ESPN Starsports, but Channel 5 has their own. While they speak well and carry that Ang Mo accent, it just not polished. Plus they kept saying "Welcome to Channel 5".

I am sticking to Starsports this weekend. They have more footage with reporters at the Pitlanes. interviews etc.


Jarno Trulli was fined S$20,000 and reprimanded for driving the wrong way on the track. I can almost hear him appealing to the officials "I was just following the arrows..."

Someone forgot to tell him SGP is anti-clockwise, or perhaps Jarno Trulli do not know which is anti-clockwise. Well, he knows now.


Somehow I still like day races. I dunno why.


My bloody friend who called me (I didn't know he bought a ticket but he knew I was a fan), and let me hear that roar of F1 Cars zooming past, through the handphone...

He didn't even talk.

F#^% You!


So my initial prediction of Kimi earning pole seems way off.

Will know by tonight.

I like the inscription on his helmet "Cool under pressure and chillingly unemotional"

Traffic Police to ensure no F1 cars can be parked along zig-zag lines and drive along bus-lanes.

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