Friday, September 05, 2008

there's something about ..... baby

I am so tired.

Strangely, my letharginess came right after the Olympics. So I am not too sure if it was the post-Olympics Blues that I have or the night feeding of the baby.

I usually managed the top part of the night, from 12am to 3am, my wife will manage the 3am to 4am feeding, and my mum will manage the 4am till morning shift.

Natuarally the Baby Bonus announced by PM Lee was met first with anticipation and ended in disappointment.

My boy was borned just about 6 days before the official start date on 17 August. It didn't feel too bad initially when WKS announced the start date on 1/1/09, but when he brought forward to 17/8, it felt like a pen-knife cutting on my toenail.

His explanation is less than satisfactory when asked why he couldn't do 1/8/08, especially when the last baby bonus effective date was on 1/8/04. He said that due to time needed for administration, 1/1/09 would be ideal but was prepared to listen to feedbacks and he dated it back to 17/8.

Helloo..... if you can date back by 4.5 months.... you can date back by 5 months!!!

For consistency sake, you should just do 1/8/08.

Of course, would I care if my baby is borned 17/8?

Interestingly babies borned on 8/8/8 which supposedly stood for prosperity, not very prosperous afterall, at least where government give-out is concerned. This just confirmed that WKS is not chinese, or he would consider dating back the date to 8/8/8 where alot of babies were borned, and a prosperous start to baby bonus.

PM Lee said that men should help to change nappies to relief the burden of the wife, and perhaps with less burden, we can have more babies.

I did more than that. I help change nappies, I make milk for the baby, I help feed the baby at night, I burped the baby.

And I tell you... I am so tired of all these that having the thought of a 3rd child seems remote at time of writing.

Government should provide fully subsidised Confinement lady for full 3 months. This work out about a total of $6k.

It's a win-win situation. We can boost the birth-rates and we can create a big industry for JB, thus giving the Government another trump card when they negotiate for cheaper water next time.

I want to go hong Lim complex to demonstrate.

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