Thursday, September 18, 2008

there's something about ..... tooth IV

Just realised it has been about 2.5 years since I embarked on the journey of using bluetooth earpiece. see link

I always had bad experience with bluetooth earpiece.

I first used a Samsung Bluetooth. The fit was for people with big ears and since I have ears slightly bigger than a dwarf, I felt like I was wearing a big dangling ear ring. After few months of using, I decided to revert to wire earpiece.

Then, I bouught a HTC pda phone last year. I decided that it make sense to use bluetooth again. I was given a Motorola set.

Same story.

Refusing to give up, I decided to find bluetooth sets that doesn't comes with the earloop, perhaps something with a ear hole insert, ie, a rubber knob that fits into your ear and hang there.

I came across this local brand called Axioo, that fits the above description.

I bought it but the rubber knobs did not exactly fit into my ear snugly. And with grease, it became another dangling ear ring. I just have to turn my head, not even violently, and it fell. In fact, it fell to the ground and was damaged slightly after 1 week of using. Also the construction of the bluetooth of too fragile. I pressed the button and it gave way.

I just bought a new phone this week. I have decided to give bluetooth another try.

I have always bought bluetooth that cost nothing more than $40, and I have decided that it's time I gave the expensive bluetooth a try.

And this brings me to PLANTRONICS. Cost me like $140 for a older generation bluetooth. Newer generation that looks super sleek and top of the range performance will set me back like $190. However, given the uncertainty of the fitting, I decided to go low-range.

And oh my......

I now declare.... PLANTRONICS Bluetooth is FABULOUS!!!! FABULOUS!!!

The construction of the bluetooth is strong but light. The fit of the bluetooth is perfect. It didn't even move even when I shake my head agressively.

The clarity is excellent.

The choice of charging is extremely useful.

Plus a 2-year 1-1 exchange policy....

I didn't realise finding a bluetooth earpiece is more difficult than finding a wife.

But the important thing is, I finally found it.

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