Friday, September 26, 2008

there's something about ..... F1

I am so F$@% excited about F1 this weekend.

I wanted to go see Hamilton at Ngee Ann City, I wanted to go see Raikonnen at Paragon, I wanted to take pictures with all the "imitations" cars at almost all shopping malls, I wanted to volunteer for F1, I wanted to buy a ticket to watch F1, I wanted to buy the F1 shirts on sale at Takashimaya, I wanted to buy that limited Tag watch...... I did none of the above.

I decided that watching on TV will allow me to follow the race. If you are at the track, you will only see the cars driving past you in that 2 secs 61 times, and you wouldn't know what happen for the rest of the race.

I have been a fan of F1 since the start of Malaysia GP, maybe about 8 years back. Back then, there was a lot of buzz in Singapore as well as finally, F1 is so accessible to Singaporean. I remember then, Mika Haikkenon was the F1 Champion, Mclaren was the Constructor's champion. Michael Schumacher and Ferrari were bridesmaid, Jean Todt was Single, Lewis Hamilton was a boy.

I became a fan of Ferrari. It was easy choice. They were second-best and they are ferrari.

I remember after Mika retired that year at a very tender age, Michael Schumacher became the king.

Michael blew away all competitions, help by his aggressive driving and he was equally potent on wet surface, just like Hamilton now.

Michael and Ferrari were so bloody good, F1 decided to make changes to the sport to curb the superiority of Ferrari. It's called "Ferrari Rules".

Ferrari still dominates until a certain Alonso came into the picture.

Michael Schumacher should have retired. Like all Legends, they have a problem knowing when to quit. Like Michael Jordan stupidly came back to play for Washinton Wizards. Michael Schemacher decided that he could still win one more against an upstart, Alonso.

He was wrong. Michael retired as a runners-up.

Alonso went on to win the next year and he became the youngest back to back World Champion, in his Renault no less.

However, Alonso did something stupid. He decided to quit the team that brought him the championship to join Maclaren, a more glamorous team.

He thought he will given the number 1 status within Maclaren. He would have been given if he didn't have a team-mate call Lewis Hamilton, a rookie.

Hamilton blew F1 away with his flair. However, dramatic in-fighting caused Mclaren dearly and they lost both the driver's title and constructor's title to Kimi Raikonnen and Ferrari... all at the very last race.... the most exciting race ever... that sees Kimi Raikonnen with outside chance of winning, VERY OUTSIDE.... he did a miracle and Won the Driver's Title.

Kimi's title was not the highlight. The highlight was the in-fighting between Alonso and Hamilton. Alonso went on to "sabotage" Maclaren and Maclaren was strip of all points.

Alonso could not stay on anymore and have to rejoin Renault.

This year saw a different race fight. It will be Hamilton vs Massa of Ferrari, with Kimi a distant 3rd.

1 point separating top 2 with hamilton leading.

So who will win Singapore GP?

I say... Kimi Raikonnen.

It's an anti-clockwise track, and Hamilton choked last year's final race because it was anti-clockwise.

It will be Kimi first. Massa, second, hamilton third.

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