Monday, September 08, 2008

there's something about ..... guests

Just had the full-month celebration for my kid.

I had planned for a "mini" party of 30 guests but I think about 50 turned-up. You asked," that is like 70% off projection, how did such bad planning occured?"

Well, never trust a woman to do planning. When my wife can listen to a telemarketeer for like 5 minutes because she couldn't know how to say "no", you know she has a problem dealing rejections to people.

When I told my wife not to invite colleagues because you are never certain whether they will turn up, or they turn up thinking this is a weekend excursion for the family.... she retorted saying that only 2-3 will turn up and that is not too many to manage....

Well... 2-3 became a contingent of about 15.... you have spouses, multiple kids per colleague, maids.... That is already more than the number of friends I had invited. I didn't even invite my colleagues, ex-colleagues, ex-ex-colleagues, ex-friends, acquaintances, ex-acquaintances.....

At least they didn't come to my place thinking it's a weekend excursion to a zoo or something, or they will be posing for photographs next to my plants or me.

But they did come to my place, thinking that this is a weekend outing to a holiday resort.

One young boy went to my refrigerator uninvited and took out 1 yakult. After that incident, we put the yakult much higher in the shelf to deter. But he went for a second helping, this time round, asking my maid to take the yakult down.

The whole bunch of kids, who do not know each other, also took over the TV. Each wanting to operate them to watch their favourite DVD. Naturally, all my kid's DVDs collection was ransacked.

One young girl thought this was a free-flow buffet. She took a plate of prawns.. only prawns and you immediately got reminded of scenes at those Marina South BBQ buffets where everyone take just prawns because it is the most expensive items.

Another boy took my boy's balloon and insisted is his. I tried to mediate between the guest and my son, but at that point, it was too frustrating for me and I decided to be bias and tactless.

2 young girls went to my Master Bedroom because "I just want to see only".


It's ironic that you are celebrating the birth of your child... such joyful occasion and yet the joyfulness was totally destroyed by children.

I have since set-up a black-list for future references.


Lin said...

*Poor thing* . . .

Anonymous said...

you meant the poor little boy whom I snatch the balloon away?

Or the poor little boy whom I tried to deny his second helping to the yakult?