Sunday, September 28, 2008

there's something about ..... F1 (saturday)

Decided to watch yesterday's F1 on both Sportscenter and Channel 5, just to see what's the difference.

Qualifying starts at 10pm. Try telling that to Channel 5. They think having Tay Ping Hui and a guest telling us what is F1 is more important than showing qualifying. And what did they talk about?

They talk about the 1500 lamps along the circuit, and including interview of the lights expert.

Ok.. so it's only about 5 minutes. But it's QUALIFYING that we are talking about, not practice sessions.

Sportscenter did the reverse. They start the program 5 minutes before 10pm to give us updates at the Pit.

However, Channel 5 got a slight edge.

Local channels are beamed about 1-2 secs earlier than cable channels.

So footages on Channel 5 is 1-2 sec earlier.

So if there is a very close race where the difference is 1-2 sec, channel 5 will show the winner first.

Also, I think channel 5 commentators could be on site. The F1 Roar seems alot louder. That adds to the viewing experience.


My bloody friend sent me another sms, "call me if you want to hear the F1 sound again"

Coolcat sent me a sms, "you want to hear the F1 sound again?"

Life is so unfair.


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