Sunday, August 24, 2008

there's something about ..... moments

Today ST features Olympics Moments.

I must say this is the best Olympics I have ever witnessed. Best Ever. The followings are my personal Olympics Moments... not necessary good but moments...

No. 10.

Singapore Paddler was not accompanied by a coach. It was such a hooha that our MP, President of STTA came out strongly against the coaching manager and staffs. In fact, the manager was sacked.

To me, this is a joke.

The paddler, Gao Ning, was sulking throughout and lost to an unseated player. He didn't even bother to fight back and the way he walked away from the table without even trying to hit back the ball shows a lack of sportsmanship.

So what if there is no coach. You are the one that is fighting out there, not the coach. Li Jiawei got a coach and still lost. It doesn't matter. You are good, then you are good. You are not, having 10 coaches next to you will not help. Gao Ning is just finding the perfect excuse not to do well.

To me, they should sack Gao Ning for that wrong attitude.


Wallace Spearmon. Second most recognisable face after Usain Bolt. For the wrong reason.

He came in 3rd in 200m but didn't realise he was disqualified for lane infringement.

He went celebrating WITH Usain Bolt round the track, probably trying to get TV airtime, knowing that the cameraman only will only follow Usain Bolt.

He dance and he make monkey faces. Everyone knew he was disqualified, except him. That was priceless.


Wang Yuegu, declared age of 28??!?!? 28?!?!?!?!??

Hello??!?! Am I the only one?!?!?!?!

IOC should investigate.


To me, that is oscar-winning performance. You either do not go to the warmups, or you complete the race. Putting up a face like that at the start-off, it's purely acting.

Yes. I believe he might not be at his full fitness. But he realised that not winning the Goal will have a bigger commercial impact on him and he decided to bail out.


Mattias Steinner's gold was totally a surprise. He struggled early on on lighter weights and no one expected him to win the Gold. He was also the "fattest" participant.

What was inspiring was not the Gold. It was the story behind him. He lost his german wife (he was russian, I think) to a car accident, and he decided to become a german so that he could be with his wife.

The manner he celebrated was both funny and poignant. He hold out his wife's photo while celebrating. That was really sweet.


The weightlifting accident that saw the elbow being dislocated is damn disturbing. Too disturbing. It's all over the net in metacafe and youtube. Go watch it.


The opening ceremony is truly classic.


Some of us have problems accepting them as Singaporeans, but all of us waited to see our National Flag being held up for the ceremony.

Once is 48 years. A rare sight.


The greatest Olympian ever. 8 Golds in 1 olympics, total 14 Golds.

It was also the manner he won some of the golds that is truly legendary.


The best races I have ever witnessed.

100m was out of the World.

200m was truly magical. 19.30sec divided by 2, you get 9.65sec for every 100m.

You know Michael Johnson's record is under threat, but to witness it, just blew you away, just like how he blew away all runners.

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