Wednesday, August 13, 2008

there's something about ..... olympics (no.2)

Since my wife gave birth on Monday, I have been watching alot of Olympics.

I was in the Labour Ward and I saw Ronald Susilo kenna trashed and Tao Li coming in 5th for Swimming.

Nowadays Labour Ward also got TV. Wonderful.

Naturally, Olympics is the hottest topic when visitors come to visit my wife at the Hospital. Topics like how my wife suffered through the labour is secondary. haha.

Now, ramblings on the Olympics:

Yes. Tao Li came in 5th. But if you use the swimming time and divide by the height of the swimmers, secs/cm, Tao Li will probably win the Gold Medal. The winner is like 2 heads taller than Tao Li lor.

Why did we send Ronald to the Olympics? I can understand if you have gotten beaten by World No.1 and I can say it's pure bad luck that you have to meet him in Round 1. But to have lost out to our neighbouring country? Yeah... sure.... Li Jiawei/Kelly Poon is/are too distracting and you lost. I mean... I can go and represent the country with my limited skills and I would still lose out in Straight Sets lor. Just like Ronald. What a waste of money.

I heard people criticised Li Jiawei for dragging the Flag on the ground during the Opening ceremony. I watch it again. (yes I have it recorded) It's not like she meant it. She is simply too short to be a flag bearer, and she doesn't seem to have any strength to carry the pole. So the fault lies with Singapore Commission. Helloo.... Singapore Flag leh.... Anyhow ask anybody to carry one meh.... never go testing testing one meh.... China make sure their flag will not reach the ground... EVER... even if Yao Ming is to walk with his knees....

I caught NDP on Saturday. Poor thing. Even the sky got to cry. We should have hold the NDP parade 1 weekend earlier. After watching Beijing Ceremony.... watching NDP is so painful. I can imagine this was more painful than labour.

MM Lee said that China can pull off one of the greatest ceremony is due to the sheer size of the population. I believe that is always going to be our main reasons for our continual dismay results at Olympics. But seriously, we need to examine our commission. I mean... we sent Ronald to the Olympics with a zero chance of winning a medal. We sent Tao Li for the exposure and we felt over the moon that she is now the best in Asia, with no medal. We now wait for Li Jia Wei to win us a Bronze medal, where she failed the last time round at her peak. If you look at the olympics, we should concentrate on sports where physical strength is not necessary. Like:
Air Rifle. We have a nation of NSF and Reservists and we can't find anyone to shoot accurately?
Archery. Just aim and practice hard. No push up needed.
Beach Volleyball. We have Siloso Beach. We even have our own Beach Volleyball Channel 8 comedy "Beach. Ball. Babes". So we have the culture to produce winners in bikinis.
Weight Lifting. Our last medal was from Weight-lifting. With so many strong body-builders in California Fitness and all others, cannot find someone strong meh?

Or at least pick players from China that is a sure no.1 bet in the world. Not 4th or 5th best.

Talk about Weight Lifting. China women Gold Medalist in Weight Lifting.... how come they look like Indonesians?

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Forget about SIN.

Better luck with SGP?