Friday, August 01, 2008

there's something about ..... tv shows

All my current favourite shows seems to be ending by next week, quite nicely before the Olympics take over our TV channels.

Apprentice is already over. Fabulous season as always.

LOST finale is coming Monday. Last week cliff-hanger is set on a cliff so bloody high, I am so tempted to watch it on the internet or read what happen.

Contender Asia should end Next Thursday on Channel 5. And what a fight last night between Singapore Zach and Mr Maia Lee. The American Commentators had a good time digging on Zidov and Maia Lee's scandal. And the number of illegal kicks below the belt (about 4 times), especially on Zidov...just make you wondered whether Zach was angry...

And Zach make Singapore Proud. I didn't think he could fight but he trashed Zidov. Yes.. Zidov was ordinary... perhaps the news of becoming a father was a burden to him... but Zach showed some potential.

Anyway, Olympics is coming. Hooray.

I love Olympics. It's the only sports franchise that allow you to watch all kinds of sports at the same time. And even some rare sports that you hardly could watch because they are deem less popular to be shown on ESPN.

I can't wait to see the USA basketball team, trying to regain their supremacy.
I can't wait to see who will win the 100m race, 200m race, 4x100m
I can't wait to see Gymnastics.
I can't wait to see Syndronised swimming.
I can't wait to see handball.
I can't wait to see if Brazil will win the soccer goal.
I can't wait to see Volleyball.
I can't wait to see table tennis between China and another chinese-from-china-now-representing-another-country.

And many other sports which I really don't mind wasting time on... weight lifting diving wrestling swimming

Plus all side dramas, like:

The opening ceremony.... Zhang Yimou so-called 15 minutes sequence... where 1 min has been leaked... and they think it's treason. So drama.

And the algae infested river.....

And the polution infested air..... will runners be able to perform under such conditions....

Will toilets be the talking point in Beijing? Remember our parents will tell us that you need to bring umbrella into the toilet when you pee.

Will LI JIA WEI win a Gold Medal in Table Tennis but the organiser wrongly played the China National Anthem?

Seriously... many more... I can't wait for Olympics to start.

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