Saturday, August 16, 2008

there's something about ..... silver

Now we know why Gold price is thru the roof, because Silver is worth $750,000.

So I have to eat my words now. I said we can only hope for Li Jia Wei to get us a bronze even when she is not at her peak. Maybe I am not wrong. It was Feng Tian Wei that did Singapore Proud.

I saw the game. It was fabulous.

Last Set. Last Game. tied at 9-9. Two more points and guaranteed a silver.

There is no space for choke. 1 choke and $750,000 will go down the bowel system. 1 point is worth $350,000.

The whole nation must be thinking "how we wish is Li Jiawei in that situation". I mean.. Feng Tian Wei??!? I can almost see the despair in our MPs at the stand. Afterall, Feng only join Singapore Last year and she has only been a Singapore Citizen since Jan this year.

But... Feng..... kept her calmness and ensure Singapore got a Siver in 48 years.... and she ensure Li Jia Wei got her share of $250k.

She deserved to have a road named after her in Chinatown.

The camera has a glimse of our MP Teo Chee Hean at the stand after Singapore won the game. He was so deadpanned. I think he either fell asleep with his eyes close... or he couldn't understand that the game was already won..... or he was cheering on the Korean Team thinking that they were Singapore....


Can't wait for the 100m race later. Usain Bolt vs Asafa Powell. Current world record holder of 9.72s vs ex-world record holder of 9.74s.

Damn exciting.


The sight of the weight-lifter's elbow being dislocated while lifting the weight is scary. Do a search in google or youtube. You have been warned.

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