Saturday, August 09, 2008

there's something about ..... olympics

Singapore will have alot to do today for the NDP parade to beat Beijing in terms of boredom.

4 Hours!!!! That is like watching NDP 2 times.

Seriously, it's only the first 45 minutes or so that is so lovely. And probably the last 5 minutes where the Torching of the Flame happens. In Between.... I couldn't decide which is more exciting... the NDP or the Olympic ceremony.

I was eagerly waiting for the Singapore Team to surface. But Beijing decided that introducing participating countries in alphabetical order would mean China being introduce early. That wouldn't do. They decided that the teams should be introduced in a decending order based on the number of strokes of the country's chinese names. Therefore, they would very much ensure 中国 would have the fewest strokes and would be the Last country to come out.

Because of that, there is no bloody way to know when your team would come out. There are 204 countries... and just participating atheletes coming out take 2 hours. I remember the first country coming out was about 9pm and the last is about 11.15pm.

You can imagine the agony of just watching people you do not know walking out for 2 hours. It's like you are at the basement of Wisma Atria Underpass and you sit there for 2 hours.

I also feel slighted that most country leaders were given TV footage when their representing country was paraded, except Singapore and probably other smaller countries. Naturally George Bush was given the most footage.

Why do I want to see the Singapore Team? I wanted to know how I feel about having Lee Jia Wei carrying the Singapore Flag. I didn't feel too proud.

In fact, I got goose pimples when I saw Yao Ming carrying the Flag for China.

In fact, I almost want to cry when I saw Li Ning being the last Torch Bearer. It was a mystery until the very moment when they announced that was Li ning.

It was amazing. When the commentator was speculating on who the last Torch Bearer was... I told my wife that it might be Liu Xiang since we didn't see him during the parade. And since Yao Ming already took the torch during the relay, he wouldn't be the choice.

But when I saw some old atheletes taking turn to take the Torch... the name Li Ning came to my mind and I told my wife.

My wife said "Li ning? A Girl?"

I told her it's a famous Gynamst.

And when she saw Li Ning... she exclaimed "huh? Old man?"

Seriously, I never have thought that Li Ning would be like an uncle.

But I felt he is so fitting to be the last Torch Bearer like Mohamed Ali was the last time. He is a Legend in the early 80s.

Yes... I have been watching Olympics since the early 80s.I am such a big fan of Olympics.

In fact, I just finished watching Weight Lifting, Women's category.

It's time to continue my Olympics.


cheeky said...

i'm waiting to catch the japanese women volleyball team in action. Remind me of this old japanese drama serial airing in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

ling kong fan sheng?

cheeky said...

wahahaha. YES!