Thursday, August 14, 2008

there's something about ..... table tennis

Yesterday I read the news headlines that Singapore Women's Team Trash USA.

Wah... don't pray pray.... USA leh...

After I watched the Daily highlights, then I realised USA also represented by China's chinese.

So I felt better that a more superior country also can choose lousy players from China to represent them.

It's really quite amusing. It's like only Chinese can play Table Tennis.

So, basically, for all the different countries participating in Table Tennis, every player would felt like they were being cheered on. Afterall, this is Beijing.


Recently, price of Petrol went up slighly after the start of Olympics. Now it's trading around US$117 per barrel.

The main cause of the increase came from China. Everyone in Beijing kept saying 加油.

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cheeky said...

woohoo china B team has advanced to the final!