Sunday, August 17, 2008

there's something about ..... bolt

What a race!!!

Not since the infamous victory of Ben Johnson vs Carl Lewis, had I seen such a dominating race.

Back then..... Ben Johnson was a mile ahead..... he was so arrogant that he stare back at Carl Lewis with his finger pointing to the sky.... he did 100m at 9.79s, an impossible time at that era.... he was also on steroids.

This time round... Usain Bolt vs Powell..... Powell was expected to come in second.... Bolt is expected to win easily.... but who would have thought.... it was not only easy... he did the impossible of going below 9.7s..... with zero win-assist.... he wasn't only a mile ahead... he slowed down in the last 15-20 m....celebrating... and still got the record.

When asked "why did you slow down towards the end?"

He replied "I didn't come here to beat the world record... because I am already the World Record Holder.... I came here to win!"

What a fabulous quote!! I think he could have done 9.5 seconds with a 3.9 wind-assist.

Powell? He choked! Expected to get a silver... he came in 4th.

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