Sunday, February 20, 2005

There's something about ..... having a maid (soon)

This year is the biggest year of my life.

And no... it's not because my indonesian maid is coming. (What were you thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!)

It's because my wife (finally a mention) is giving birth to my son sometimes in April.

I've mention almost everyone in my blog so far from my friends to a bike in malaysia to goverment bodies to Donald Trump to abalone, but no mention about my wife.

Because of the new addition to the family of 4 including my parents, we have decided that a maid is necessary to cope with the uncertainty of who will do what, and what should do first, during the arrival of my baby.

This may be an expensive way of dealing with undecisiveness, but my mum who is the Chief Operating Officer of Home Affairs is getting of age, and I think it's time she take a rest.

And this is the first time we are having a maid. And also the first time a stranger is living in the house with us.

What kind of adjustments must I make? I dunno. For a start, that means I have to wear my shirt to the living area in case the maid decided that my muscular body is too much a distraction for her to concentrate on cleaning the dust off the TV screen.

How would she address me? She will probably call my mum, being the COO, "mum" which makes her almost my half-sister. But since my wife is paying for her salary, she might also call my wife "mum", which makes her the sister of my yet-to-be-borned child, and grand-daughter of my mum.

How about meal times? How about going out? Do I ask her to pour a cup of coffee for me in the morning? Can I ask her to deliver the morning papers to the breakfast table with the coffee waiting for me every morning at 10.30am?

Looks like my Orientation Program for Employers of Foreign Maid is not helping, even when I pass with flying colours and gotten a certificate from Singapore Poly!

Looks like I'm still disoriented.

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