Monday, February 28, 2005

there's something about ..... my car's headlamp

It's quite east to spot my car in Singapore... at night.

Not because I spray my car luminous red with reflective strips pasted across the car.

It's because since last week, I have switch on my headlights while driving. You know the headlights that drivers use to flash at women drivers, or the same headlights that drivers use to flash at women drivers with triangle plate.

Why? Not so that I can see traffic police from far away and slow down, or to glare brightly at the traffic police speed camera so that it is incapable of taking picture of your speeding car.

It's because my normal lights are not working. Not one but both. For a while, I have been driving with just one light not working. But since the other one is ok, I didn't bother to change the lights.

But both were down last week. The funny thing is, the normal lights and the headlights is actually the same bulb. That means, it's not exactly spoiled. And I decided to save money by using only headlights when I drive.

And I just realised, while I'm probably the most easily spotted, I'm also the most hated driver.

Cars in front of you, either move aside, point at their mirror, point their middle finger or speed off. Car from the opposite row will sometimes flash back.

Why can't these people understand... I wasn't flashing. Flashing is like telling you "HEY, can you drive faster? Tortise!"

I'm simply have my headlights on throughout. Why can't they simply accept my normal sedan as another SUV driving behind.

Does only the SUVs have that exclusive rights of glaring you because their car is taller and more expensive?

If people can wear fake Rolex or use Fake LV bags, I can pretend my car to be a SUV.


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