Tuesday, March 01, 2005

there's something about ..... that "debate" on Casino

First of all, there is never a debate.

It's what we call a setup. A setup so that everyone in Singapore will know the economic benefits it will bring to Singapore. A setup so that everyone in Singapore knows that it will not have any social impact.

We use this "debate" as a vehicle to inform everyone of the benefits. Why do you think they are heavily trying to publicise the Channel news asia program on Thursday at 8pm?

Of course, PM Lee has already said the decision will be made in April whether the Casino will go ahead.

We also know that concept plans and proposals in excess of $3billion dollars have been submitted to the government, not just 1 but 15 proposals.

We also know that some of the government-link companies like Capitaland, Keppel Land have join forces with international companies to submit bids. Keppel Land has even submitted a Model together with the proposal.

Let's talk sense.

PM Lee said the decision will be made in April because they need time to examine the proposals. Of course. This will then follow by saying "Yes, we are going ahead".

Also, who would say no to $3billion and further economic spin-off from employment, tourism etc. Afterall, we say yes to $600 million to build a durian with no economic spin-off.

Of course, they say It's a Mega Resort with Entertainment Centre. Realised the word Casino is missing.

But would 2 government-link companies tied up with Casino Operators and bid for a Mega Resort with Entertainment Centre without a casino?

Also, would big International Companies travel all the way from as Far as US, come to Singapore, put them up in 5 star Hotels, examine the Site at Marina Bay and Sentosa, spend thousands of money preparing Proposals, spend hours negotiating with local government-link companies, spend money preparing the legal documents, so that they can bid for a Casino that MAY NOT even be approved?

This would seriously dent Singapore's Government's reputation.

Some groups in Singapore are lobbying against the Casino because of potential social ills.

HELLOOOOOO. Anybody Home?

We have Singapore Pools selling 4Ds and Totos. Tempting innocent people like me to spend $70 during Chinese New Year on their $10m TOTO and you are talking about social ills?

We have Geylang and legalised prostitution and you are talking about social ills?

We have Joo Chiat and illegalised prostitution and you are talking about social ills?

We have internet and broadband access to most homes and pornographic at a button and you are talking about social ills?

We have EPL every week and you see players diving, cursing, coach taunting the fans........................ ills?

We have 15 days a year to celebrate Chinese New Year where Gambling at Homes is a Norm and........... ills?

We have computer games that are so violent............ ills?

We have RA movies in Chinatown so that old man can ogle ......... ills?

We have traffic police.................. ills?

Now you know why government has to come up with programs like what Channel News Asia to educate everyone.

Seriously, I'm for it. And I know the government is for it. So let's cut the crab and build it.

For a supposedly unbiased debate on "Casino, yes or no" tuned in to Channel news asia this Thursday 8pm.


coolcat said...

What debate? Where do you think they'll put the casino? Sentosa? Marina?

moomooman said...

My source told me that the Marina Site is a popular choice with many Casino Operator.

Also, if you look at the general landscape.... somehow it reminds me of.... Sydney.

However, I think the one that put in a bid in Sentosa will get it. It's win win. The builder bears the risk, you have the extra inaccessibility to most singaporean, you have a shot to revive Sentosa.