Friday, March 11, 2005

There's something about ..... naming your child

This is probably the biggest dateline ever in my life. At work, late means late lor. No matter what you do, you can't reverse the fact that you are late. In Exams, if you can't finish on time, you may still pass. And if you fail.... sub-paper lor.

This is the kind of attitude in life that is reallllll bad. And now I realised this bad attitude is causing me my pre-natal blues.

Each passing week means I may not have another week to find a name for my baby, as there is always a chance my wife may be entering into labour early. You never know.

And stupid as it may seems, why should government give such tight datelines to give a name for your child. I understand it's 2 weeks from the date of birth.

What is more important? Getting the right name for the child who has to live with it for the rest of his life or so that some admin officer in the hospital could type out the name on the birth certificate so that he won't have a backlog?

Singapore it's too efficient.

While I have shortlisted a few English names, I would still like to give my son a dialect name. And that has to wait for the chinese name to be out, and since we are getting "professional" help, we can only have that once the baby is borned.

2 weeks!!!!

I'm sure even Stamford Raffles take more than 2 weeks to come up with Singapura. Or is it somebody else. My history sucks!

I'm sure MOE take more than 2 weeks to come up with the name Pioneer JC. Duh!

I'm sure SIA take more than 2 weeks to come up with the name TIGER airways. SO ORIGINAL.

Anyway, I just realised another way of finding potential names for the baby. Other than the usual websites, books etc. I'm now looking at all the SPAM Mails that I receive in loads everyday and going thru the sender's name. PROPER NAMES, not "viagra", not "housewives", not "penis".

What to do, when you are desperate for inspiration, everything could be a potential inspiration.

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