Tuesday, March 08, 2005

there's something about ..... taxi drivers

Last night, I was driving on a left lane behind a Taxi. But this Taxi was driving so damn slow, I thought maybe he wanted to slow down to find customers. So I decided to overtake him as I needed to turn left at the junction in front.

The moment I overtook him and drive back to the left lane... He FLASHED HIS HEADLIGHTS. I just knew Slow Taxi Drivers are too good to be true.

Tonight, I was driving on the expressway on the further right lane. The Taxi in front of me decided to give way. I thought... "wow... good driver... know when to give way for overtaking vehicle" The moment, I drive past him.... he drove back behind me and FLASHED HIS HEADLIGHTS! Damn... I just knew courteous Taxi Drivers are too good to be true.

What's with these Taxi drivers' ego? Why must they always take offence so easily. Why can't they allow other drivers to have faulty headlamps.

Recently, taxi companies were fined by the LTA as these same Taxis that flashed their headlights at me, were deem to be reckless on the roads. The LTA has a points system to gauge how these TAXI companies behave on the road.

So, these Taxi drivers came out in the papers to say that LTA has been too strict.

MY GOD. Do they really believe that any of us will show sympathy towards them?

They are the inspiration behind those Arcade games where you must drive from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible, knocking down all the trees, barriers, cars along the way.

They make braking hard an art. And not to mention cutting your lane in the mean time. They like to come from no where from your blind spot, cut into your lane and braking it hard just so that they could pick up the customer in front about 10 to 20 metres in front.

Not to mention, they are the one that like to flash their headlights at innocent drivers with a faulty headlamps.

I think it's time I put cut-out stickers with the word "Sorry, my headlamp spoiled" spelled backwards, and paste it on my headlamps. So the moment I switch on my headlights, the shadows of the words will appear on their rear-mirror.

Will go patent this idea tomorrow.

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coolcat said...

Yo! Bro! Go fix your head lamps! I will do more than flash my headlights at you if you dare come behind me with those bright lights.