Tuesday, March 08, 2005

there's something about ..... the decision process of buying anything

Now that my buddyress Lily has finally announced their (lily and family) new purchase, it's about time I joke about it. :)

It's not just any other normal purchases like Ipod, camera, DVD recorder, portable DVD player..... hey... I almost listed all Lily's purchase in the last 6 months.... It's a house!

But.. you must be thinking... "so? it's a Singaporean Hobby." "Everybody buy a house."

You see...

It takes me years to buy a DVD player, I don't even own a LD player during those days.

It took me 4 months to buy a car.

My family took 2 years to find a house.
Last Saturday, I walk around for 2 hours exploring about 5 handphone shops in Toa Payoh, trying to buy a new Handphone. I failed.

However, Lily and Fang Saw it, and conquer it.... all within 1 hour! And this is on their very first day of house hunting, and on the second stop of their house hunting!

1 hour is not even enough for me to start my decision process!

But I can understand their decision, I went with my wife the next day with them and I must say it's a fantastic house! And I can't wait!!! I have already pleaded with them to reserve 1 room for me.

1 hour or not, it doesn't matter. It's the right decision that matters. And I think they make the best decision ever!

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coolcat said...

Kind of impulsive, granted. But you understand right? I mean after you saw the place. Can't wait for TOP.