Monday, March 28, 2005

there's something about ..... that house

Few days ago I went to meet up a prospective landlord in the East, somewhere near Dunman area.

As I was driving up to her house, I drove past this ordinary 2-storey terrace house and there was a "guard house" with a guard in it. A blur looking guard if you ask me. I feel like shouting at him "SHIONG SI MI" but I thought better refrain in case they send me to Sentosa under ISA.

Now, as a patriotic Singaporean, I know who stays where in Singapore.... or so I think I know.

Our MM Lee stays at Oxley Rise. That road is totally out of bounds for non-residents and you could see turk guards (pural) patrolling that road.

SM Goh and PM Lee stays Bukit Timah Namly area.

Our former president Ong stays in Nassim area.

I know Mr Wee Kim Wee stays in the east but dunno where. So immediately I link Wee Kim Wee to that house.

I was thinking "Wah.. not bad... past president also got such benefits."

So I went up to the landlord and after introducing myself, I decided to make small talk.

I always make some small talk to make both parties comfortable.

I ask "wah... nice place you have here". My evergreen opening statement .

She replied "Thanks"

"So, who stays at the house in front with that guard?" Of Course, I already know the answer... but must pretend pretend.

"Oh... our president" She replied matter of fact with a suanning tone like "you dunno meh?"

Damn!! Kenna suan!

In a face-saving defence, I replied "Ah.... Wee Kim Wee."

"No... Our President Nathan!"

End of small talk.

How would I know that our President would only have 1 silly looking guard which is not even a turk, while our Mentor Minister has a "NO ENTRY" Sign at where he stay plus numerous Turks?!?!

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