Sunday, March 20, 2005

there's something about ..... wicker park

Wicker Park DVD

As part of my usual Saturday night routine, I would go rent a DVD from Video Ezy.

As I was rather late tonight, most of the famous or heard-before titles were out and I didn't have time to browse thru the older titles. This was the ONLY one available for rent under the recent releases which I haven't watch, or even heard of it.

I was telling myself... the fact that nobody wanted to rent this among the "1 day" category must be an indication on how bad the show is.

So I have to make a choice..... to walk away and watch our miserable TV programs or rent this and watch a miserable DVD.

Given the sexy DVD cover, I thought... what the heck... even if the show is bad, hopefully something sexy during the show may just be worth it.

How wrong I am.


You would never have guess a show that is that badly publicise or the lack of any, with a title so boring, is really that fantastic!

It helps that we have little expectations on the show, it also helps that we know nothing about the show. But for a suspense thriller (or so they say), it's better not to know anything.

In fact, for the first half of the show, I was about to curse my stubborness of renting it. It was so patchy initially. Only when the story unfolds, which you realised why the show started that way.

And towards the end, you just can't help loving the show for the way it's being written and directed. And what a great storyline.

I simply love it. And it's highly recommended.

If you think the reason I'm loving it must be the sex scenes. HA! Whatever on the DVD cover is all it has got.

Maybe it's time I invest on a DVD burner!

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