Monday, March 14, 2005

there's something about ..... IT show

Since this blog's title is in small caps, "it show" probably sounds stupid or kinky depending on your sexual orientation. To any geek, they would know it's the IT Show which I suspect they name it as such after the commonly used word "it's".

If you managed to make your way there, Congratulations! You are among the 560,000 who made it into Suntec Convention Hall.

I wasn't that lucky.

Depending how you define your luck, but if you drive about 20 mins into town, pay $1.50 thru the ERP, get stuck in traffic at Bras Basah road for another 30 mins, saw Suntec within sights, decided it's too crowded, make a U-turn at Beach Road, take another 20 mins to reach home, I guess you wouldn't feel too lucky too. And mind you, I'm talking about Friday afternoon.

Also depending how you define your luck, after you managed the above less making that U-turn, You spend another 10 minutes reaching the entrance of Suntec Carpark, another 10 mins of waiting at the entrance, another 30 minutes trying to find a car park lot, and you didn't BUY anything at the IT show. I think you better see a shrink. I would think this would be traumatic to anyone.
Traffic at Brash Basah road on Saturday and Sunday is worse. I know of somebody who took a cab from Lucky Plaza to City Plaza on Sunday afternoon and the ride took 1 hour, passing that route to Suntec and costs $18 for the TAXI ride.

It's reported in the papers today that $26 million worth of sales was chalked up by the exhibitors.

If you do the math, that is $46.42 per exhibitees. Or the price of 2 thumb-drives. If you ask me, that is a pathetic sales figure.

I cannot imagine anybody who take the pain to drive there and buy 2 thumb-drives. Of course, I really hope nobody did. But I kinda suspect if I did make my way there and didn't buy my thumbdrive 2 weeks ago, I would really be that moron.

Of course, I suspect a good number of the 560000 exhibitees are there to ogle at some of the exhibitors' exhibitors. I'm sure, true to IT shows custom, many exhibitors will hire models wearing skimpy outfits giving out flyers to teenage boys, young adults, married men, Chee Ko Peh.

Actually IT shows like this is good for the economy. $26m sales aside. If these 560,000 exhibitees spend on average $3 on transport (including frustrated drivers on Car park charges), you are talking about $1.5m spent.

And while you there, why not do some dining. If $10 per exhibitees (some will go foodcourt spending $5 including drinks, some will go RICE TABLE spending $22 including drinks), you are talking about $5.6m spent on food. And I'm just being conservative.

By the way, I got RICE TABLE hangover. Will not eat anything peranakan for the next 1 year!

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