Thursday, March 03, 2005

there's something about ..... thumb-drive

I bought thumb-drives.... yes...drives with the "s". I bought 2 to be exact.

Friends who know me would know that this is another quantum leap for me in 2005, after the blog thing.

You see... I'm a flobby-disk user. In fact, my desktop computer at home is Pentium I. In fact, this Pentium was actually an upgrade from whatever name before Pentium.

So why did I buy not 1 but 2 thumb-drives?

Because somebody in my office, in fact 2 of them, over 50 years old commented out loud "Nobody uses flobby disks anymore" to me. So I bought 2 to remind me that 2 Old Men were "Suaning" me.

Actually, I bought 2 because I realised a thumb-drive costs just about 18 cents per Mb. Safe Superstore was selling them supposedly at a 51% discount for $23 for a 128Mb Kingston drive.

How cheap is that!! So out of impulse, I bought 2.

Now, I have 2 regrets in my drawer.

Thumb-drive is only as useful if ALL COMPUTERS IN YOUR OFFICE (or anywhere for that matter) HAVE USB PORTS IN FRONT OF THE CASING and not at the back!!

I realised all PCs in my office have computers with USB at the back of the casing, and all the casing is under the desk.

That means for me to even attempt to save anything in my thumb-drive, I have to:
  1. squad down.
  2. go under the table.
  3. turn the casing around.
  4. find the usb ports under poor lighting conditions.
  5. try to fit the thumb-drive into the ports (which it's not exactly easy)
  6. Go to the washroom to wash my hands after getting all the dusts and dirts.

And after using the thumb-drive, I realised I have only used about 3% and I run out of things to save.

So.... 1 unopened thumb-drive 128Mb for sale. $23 anyone?


Anonymous said...

There is an accessory call usb extension cable and its not expensive.

Dun try to be IT savvy if you are not one.

coolcat said...

haha..kenna suan-ed again. Pass me the thumb drive lor.

Anthony CYK said...

just buy a $5 extension cable.
A and B usb cable.